Sita Samahit Temple(Sitamarhi) :
 Hello friends today i am going to explain about Sitamarhi(Sita Samahit Sthal) Temple.some people calls Sitamadi, and Sitamadi Temple. It is siturated Bhadohi Dist between Varanasi and Allahabad. 

Location.         Bhadohi.
Deity.               Sita.
Festivals.        Ram Navami.
District.           Bhadohi.
State.               Utter Predesh.
Country.         India.
Creator.          Sri Prakash Narayan Punj.
Complited.     1990.
Related.          Sita Samahit Sthal.

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Sita Samahit Sthal Temple is dedicated for Mata Sita. And it is siturated between Varanasi and Allahabad. But exact location is Bhadohi Utter Predesh India. Near the national highway no 2.and also connected with Allahabad and Varanasi railway line with jungigunj,the nearest railway station. It is known bye hindus temple. And it is a very good tourist spot in India. This is complited in 1990 by sri Prakash Narayan Punj. And this temple also known bye sita samahit sthal.

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Varanasi Ghat :
 Hello friends today i am going to discuss about ghat in varanasi. Also discuss about list of varanasi ghat, and populer ghat in varanasi. There are nearly 100 ghats in varanasi. That starts bye Assi ghat to Raj ghat. There are top 8 varanasi ghat listing bellow. 

Assi ghat
Assi Ghat :
Assi Ghat is the first ghat in varanasi, i will also fiend Assi ghat where the Gangas start in varanasi. It is siturated the end of the varanasi city. It is very importent ghat for all Hindus. Many shop and cafes siturated around Assi ghat. Dasaswamedh Ghat is a 30 minute walk away along the Assi Ghat.The small Gangas Arti also organised at Assi Ghat.

Varanasi ghat
Chet Singh Ghat :
Chet singh ghat is related to history. It is second top Ghat at varanasi. It was the site of 18th century battel between Maharaja Chet singh and British, King Chet singh ruled Varanasi. Chet singh is the man who was found Chet Singh Ghat. Chet singh Ghat is siturated next of Assi Ghat. 

Darbhanga ghat
 Darbhanga Ghat :
 Darbhanga Ghat is a top Ghat in varanasi. It is a photogenic favorite. It is most architecturally impressive, ghats. Many hotes siturated near darbhanga ghat where you can stay. It is built bye royal family of Bihar in is 3rd no of varanasi list. If you will visit varanasi then you should also visit Darbhanga Ghat.

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Dasaswamedh Ghat :
Dasaswamedh Ghat is a top 1 ghat in varanasi. You can say, Dasaswamedh Dhat is a heart of the Varanasi. It is a one type of combination of attraction and action. Ganga Arti is the famous things of Dasaswamedh Ghat.
Ganga Arti organised in evening at Dasaswamedh Ghat. According to Hindus methology, Lord Brahma builds this ghat to welcome Lord Shiva.there are thousend market siturated around Dasaswamedh ghat.

Man mandir ghat
Man Mandir Ghat :
  Man Mandir Ghat is a very old and very pretty Ghat in Varanasi India. It is notable for our Rajput architecture. Rajput Maharaj Man Singh of Jaypur built his place. The Ganga Arti does not organised here but. Many people visit here daily. It is build by Red stone, so it is looks like a Mahal of king in side of ganga.

Varanasi ghat
Scindhia Ghat :
Scindhia Ghat is a very conjusted area but. It is a orginal ghat in varanasi. Many Shiva temple are siturated here. So it is a look like a collection of a shiva temple. It is constructed nearly can not count the shiva temple in varanasi. This place are calledSidha Kshetra and it attracts plenty of pilgrims. 60% people who visit varanasi. The must be visit's here.

Varanasi ghat
Bhonsale Ghat :
Bhonsale Ghat was built in 1780 byMaratha king Bhonsale of Nagpur. It is inpire by Akshardham Temple, Yameshwar Temple, so Red stone are used to built this
   It is nearly looks like a Red entry fees, no time limits to visit here, no time to stay here. You can reached here any time in a day and night.

Manikarnika Ghat :
  Hello friends as you know Manikarnika Ghat is a very old Ghat in varanasi. It is related to Lord Shiva. Friends Manikarnika Ghat is also known bye Burning ghat. It is the place where hindus ded bodies burns and distroys.because hindus believe the rebirth system. You will openly come face to face in Manikarnika Ghat. Friends Unstopeble burning flame is presence here for burning the human ded bodies.

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North Goa Beach :
 Hello friends, today i am going to discuss about introduction of Goa beach, and what is reasion to visit goa beach, and Goa Resorts. Top beaches is siturated at Nort Goa.

Goa bech
Querim Beach North Goa :
  Querim beach is also known as keri beach and kerim beach and siturated at North Goa India. And you can reached here from Arambol Beach. 
Querim beach is located 58 km of Panaji ,this beach has paragliding and many water sport. So many people want to visit here in our vacation. I sagest you it is best place you to injoy you vacation .if in the future, you may reached goa, then you should visit this beach. And should injoying boating and other water sports. 

Arambol Beach, North Goa :
  It is second beach at North has 58 km distance from, Querim Beach North Goa. It is 16 0km long,it is listed of best list in goa beach. This beach also host night partied and music. This place is also sutable for paraglidaing and kite surfing making on one of the best beaches at Goa India. It is very attractive and time passing places in goa. So many people visited here daily. So you SD hould also visits here. 

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  • Goa beach
    Calangute Beach
    Calangute Beach, North Goa :
      It is near to Bega Beach, and the Calangute Beach has water sports, market, resturants, and many things .it is more famous because it has nice water park. Many pubs and Resorts siturated near to Calangute is top beach in list of North Goa Beach. If you want to visit Goa then after visiting here. You should must visit Calangute Beach. Summer vacation is the perfect time to visit here. 

    Goa beach
    Anjuna Beach, North Goa :
    The Anjuna Beach is the most popular sea beaches among foreigners in North Goa, Goa, India. Many Night parties and functions organised here, some bodyes enjoy our parti bye using music and dance at side of Anjuna Beach.It has many Market and resturants. Anjuna Beach is siturated 21 km North of Panaji beach and 7 km from Bega Beach. 
    It is not a famous as Calanguta Beach but it is famous about its partis and music and dancing in there parties. Many people visits here for enjoying these parties. 

    Goa beach
    Bega Beach, North Goa :
      Hello friends. Bega Beach is a most popular beach in Goa for Indian and foreigners tourists. It is also has parties, music, danc, and good food, karaoke music, some water sports, good facilities. Bega beach is siturated 19 km North of Panaji Beach, 
    Bega Beach siturated near Anjuna Beach, Calangute Beach. 
    Bega Beach is somthing same as Juhu Beach ,in Mumbai Maharastra. But its locality is somthing diffrents from Juhu Beach. Juhu Beach is large place but it is somthing small to compair Juhu Beach

    Hello friends some Goa Beach are presenting here but about next some Beaches. I will discuss in next post. Soo
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    Goa Tourism :
      Hello friends,today i am going to explain about Goa Tourism, and about goa beach, douring this i will also discuss about goa tourist places or visited places in goa. If you are planning to visit in goa, then this article may help you.

    Goa is siturated in India, it more famous causes our beaches,resorts and pretty places, but goa beach is more famous in world. Tourism  generally Focused beaches area at Goa. Many foreigners and Indians visited at Goa in mansoon, like Summer. Many resorts, many beaches is siturated at goa. It is the prettiness of goa. Bellow i am going to explain about resorts and goa beach.

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    Goa Beach :
     Hello friends,Goa Beach is more famous in world. 90% Tourist came here for only visit beach at goa(goa beach). All people recently like all places at goa.
      Goa Beach covers arounds 125km costy area of goa. North Goa is low budget goa and south goa is highe budget goa.
      Top goa beach are listed bellow
  • Querim Beach North Goa.   Click Here

  • Arambol Beach North Goa.   Click Here

  • Mendram Beach North Goa.   Click Here

  • Morgim Beach North Goa.  Click Here

  • Chapora Beach.   Click Here

  • Vagator Beach North Goa.  Click Here

  • Anjuna Beach North Goa.  Click Here

  • Baga Beach North Goa.   Click Here

  • Calangute Beach North Goa. Click Here

  • Candolim Beach,North Goa.  Click Here

  • Sinquerim Beach.  Click Here

  • Miramar Beach.  Click Here

  • Dona Paula Beach, near Panaji. Click Here

  • Siridao Beach. Click Here

  • Bogmalo Beach.  Click Here

  • Cansaulim Beach. Click Here

  • Majorda Beach. Click Here

  • Betalbatim Beach. Click Here

  • Colva Beach.  Click Here

  • Benaulim Beach. Click Here

  • Cavelossim Beach. Click Here

  • Mobor Beach.  Click Here

  • Betul Beach.  Click Here

  • Agonda Beach, South Goa. Click Here

  • Palolem Beach.  Click Here

  • Butterfly Beach, South Goa.  Click Here

  • Patnem Beach. Click Here

  • Talpona Beach, South Goa. Click Here

  • Galgibaga Beach. Click Here

  • Polem Beach, South Goa. Click Here

  • Kakolem Beach. Click Here

  • Ashwem Beach. Click Here

  • Velsao Beach. Click Here

  • Hollant Beach. Click He

  • Goa beach

    Goa beach

    Top Resorts in Goa/Hotels in Goa :

  • Planet Hollywood Goa

  • Hard Rock Hotel Goa

  • North 16 Goa

  • Acron Waterfront Resort Goa

  • Novotel Goa Resort & Spa

  • Kenilworth Resort & Spa Goa

  • Majorda Beach Resort Goa

  • Goa Marriott Resort & Spa

  • The Leela Goa

  • Heritage Village Club Goa

  • Fortune Select Regina Goa

  • The O Resort and Spa Goa

  • Cidade De Goa

  • Dona Sylvia Beach Resort Goa

  • The Zuri White Sands Resort & Casino Goa

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    The Hanging Pillar at Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh :
           The Mystery of Hanging pillar at Lepakshi Andhra pradesh. Today i am talk about Hanging pillar and Mystery of Hanging pillar. Mystery of Andhra pradesh Hanging pillar.
    Hanging pillar
    Hanging Pillar Andhra Pradesh
    Country.        India.
    State.             Andhra Pradesh.
    District.        Anantpur.
    Total.            10042.
    Language.     Telagu.
    Pin.                 515331.
    Type.              Mysterious place. 

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  • Hanging pillar
    Introduction/ History :
       The Hanging pillar is siturated at Lepakshi. Lepakshi is a small villege at Anantpuram, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is siturated 15km east of Hindupur and North of Banglore. This Temple dedicated to Shiva, vishnu and virbhadra.
      Near the Temple complex is a large Nandi Bull. This place is called kumb shila.
      But this temple is famous about our pillar. A pillar which is atteched by celling but not to the floor. You can easly swip a pice of paper or cloths mid air that seperates the ground and pillar. This pillar stay at virbhadra temple. There are 70 pillar in this temple like this.It is the mystery of  this place.

    Hanging pillar
    The hight of pillar is 70 fit. That created bye British engineer.and all engineer geting fails to remove the secret of it's support. The virbhadra temple created bye two brother. Virupanna and Veeranna. And these two brother also create vijaynagar empir. So Hanging pillar so famious because. It is created bye the artist of vijaynagar empire. 
    This temple is more famous because it is related to the Ramayana. 

    Hanging pillar
    This place is directly related to the Ramayana. According to legends. It was the site where Lord's Rama fathfull followers Jatunya falling down after having beeing injured bye Ravana. Who was taking away
    Sita bye his vimana.
    Nandi bull is the second famous draw.

    Nandi bull
    Nandi bull is the second famous draw in the Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is made bye single granted stone. 27ft lenght and 15ft height of nandi bull. It is the most heigest Nandi Bull arts in India design bye single stone. It is siturated the front of Shiva Linga. 
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    Feroz Shah Kotla :
        Hello friends today i am going to explain about Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi. About Hunted place in India. Horrer place in Delhi. But it is one of the most popular and most visited place in Delhi.
    Feroz Shah Kotla
    Name.             Feroz Shah Kotla .
    Siturated.      Ferojabad.
    Location.       Ferojabad, Delhi, India.
    Type.               Fort and Masjid.
    Entry fee.       No Entry Fees.
    Entry Time.   Only in presence of Sun.
    Famous.          Bye Hunted, Horrer.
    Use to Create.  Red stone.
    Created bye.      Feroz Shah.

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    Feroz Shah Kotla
    Introduntion/ History :
       The Feroz Shah Kotla is situated from Firozabad, Delhi ,India and built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq, Red stone are used to build this. It's one of many pillars of Ashoka left by Mughal Emperor. That time it was vary most part of Delhi Saltnat.
       Other then Ashoka pillars the complex also houses the jama masjid

    Feroj shah
    Feroj Shah Tughlaq was Sultan of Delhi(1351--1388).and Feroj shah Tughlaq build the fort at Ferojabad, Delhi, India. The pillier of this fort called Ashoka Column attributed to Mughal Empiror. Its hight is 13.1 meter. Jami Masjid is also siturated at Ferojabad, Delhi, India. It is More Horrer place, and like Hunted place at Delhi. Feroj Shah Fort open only AM. Also closed on Pm. It was more famous on our times. So it is more visited place at delhi, India in present time. 

    Feroj shah
    Jami Masjid :
        The Feroj shah fort also called Jami Masjid. 
    The Jami Masjid is one of the most largest masjid in Delhi India. It is dedicated to Muslims. Many muslims people comes here for pray to our God. This masjid was visited bye Sultan Timur in 1389.
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    Kumbh Mela :
        Hello frienda today i am going to show you about Kumbh Mela. kumbh Mela Allahabad. Sangam Kumbh Mela. And everything about kumbh mela.
    Kumbh mela
    Country.     India
    Location.    Allahabad. UP. India.
    Type.           Public place. Mela
    Related.       Hindu Mela.
    How to Reach.  By Cab, Bus, Train
    Time.          March, April, May, january, febuary.
    Entry fees.   No Entry Fees.

    Kumbh mela
    Introduction. :
     The Kumbh Mela fully dedicated of Hindu cultural for bath in ganga's. The kumbh mela wedly organised on four placees.

  • Allahabad... Kumbh Mela.
  • Haridwar Kumbh Mela..
  • Nashik Trimbkeshwar.
  • Ujjain simhastha.

  • Main place for the Festival of Kumbh Mela is bank of river like Allahabad sungam. At any given place the Kumbh mela held ones in 12 year. There is a 3 years diffrence between Haridwar and Nashik Kumbh Mela. But Nashik and Ujjain held same year.According to Hindu methodlogy. God Vishnu drops the drop of Smrit in this four place. These place are called place of Kumbh. And its orginal name is Kumbha.

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  • Allahabad.

  • varanasi.
  • Mumbai.
  • Delhi.
  • Gujarat.
  • Top Mysterious place on world.

  • Kumbh mela
    History :
      There is a several Riverd festival but Kumbh Mela is top one in India. Many scholers notes about Kumbh Mela top one is Allahabad Kumbh Mela.
    The Adi Sankara. Started the kumbh mela at Prayag in 8th Country. The Kumbh Mela of Haridwar apears the orginals Kumbh Mela. Because there are several referrnce to recyle every 12 year Cycle for it. Khulasat ut Tawarikh and Chahar Gulsan started helt  Kumbh Mela in Allahabad and Nashik. The Kumbh mela at Ujjain begain in the 18 century. When the Maratha and Ranoji Shindee invited ascetics from Nashik to Ujjain for local festival.

    mela in
    In Libra 

    Kumbh mela
    Kumbh Mela in Ujjain

    Kumbh mela
    Kumbh Mela in Allahabad Prayag
    Dates :

    1980.         Nashik, Ujjain.
    1983.         Allahad
    1986.          Haridwar
    1989.          Allahabad
    1992.         Haridwar Nashik,Ujjain.
    1995.         Allahabad
    1998.         Haridwar
    2001.         Allahabad
    2003          Nashik
    2004          Haridwar, Ujjain
    2007.         Allahabad
    2010.          Haridwar
    2013.          Nashik
    2015.          Allahabad
    2016.         Haridwar, Ujjain
    2019.        Allahabad
    2022.        Nashik.

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